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It was Harrington Tribe, after and a slight misspelling of Lucy (nee Russell) Harington, or Harrington..

She was born in 1580, the daughter of Sir John Harington of Exton and died in 1627. On December 12, 1594, at the age of nearly 14, she married Edward Russell, 3rd Earl of Bedford, then 22.

A local sister organization known as the Bermuda Natural History Society, established in 1901, provided a year-round aquarium for the scientists.

It began at Agar's Island (see Bermuda Islands) and moved from Agar's Island to its present location in 1926 when the two groups split. The largest and most complete collection of Bermuda shells to be found anywhere in the world was donated in October 2001 to the Natural History Museum at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

Both the tavern and jungle take the name of Dublin-born (then part of Great Britain so he was officially British, not Irish) Thomas Moore, an Irish poetbon vivant, so hugely respected and venerated in the Republic of Ireland that there are gardens and numerous songs (as merely one example, the Last Rose of Summer) named after him.

His romantic local verse early in his adult life during his brief stay (January to April 1804, during which time he was swindled, made to pay for another's wrongdoing, went back to the UK and later bitterly regretted ever having set foot in Bermuda) as an Admiralty (Royal Navy) court official registrar has perpetuated his name in local legend, if not fact.

It encompasses coast and forested land from Tom Moores Jungle (accessed from Walsingham Lane, off Harrington Sound Rd.) is a natural mix of Bermuda cherry (hugely different from cherries of the UK, Europe, etc) tree forests, crystalline caves, and mangroves surrounding Tom Moores Tavern, a four-star restaurant housed in a 1652 waterfront inn.

In 1623, adventurer Captain John Smith, famous in American, Bermudian and British history, encountered many spooky caves in this Parish.

It is unrelated to the City of Hamilton eight miles away.

Loyal Hamilton was once proposed as a husband for the King's daughter.

In 1620, he became a member of the Council for the Plantations of New England and later was rewarded as a Knight of the Garter.

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