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The reaction of the "relativists" to this conundrum is presented by Dr. Die Alleged Conundrum In a page-long article '"Stefan Marinov's seasonal puzzle," in Vature (12 July 1990), the editor of that journal John Maddox reports on what he considers a conundrum: (essentially) a magnet rotating about the axis of symmetry of its field with a conductor in that field stationary in the lab, as against the case when the mag- net is stationary and the conductor rotating.Bunting in NATURE, 23 August 1990 (see this note reprinted in this volume). Beckmann wrote in the November /December issue of his journal GALILEAN ELECTRODYNAMICS: ^. 1990 GALILEAN ELECTRODYNAMICS 83 DISSro ENT NEWS pace-Time Conference in Leningrad: ^ail for papers The Technical University of Leningrad, the Academy of Civil ^viation (also in Leningrad), and the Geographical Society of the icademy of Sciences of the USSR are sponsoring an International lonference "Problems of Space and Time in Natural Science." The conference is to be devoted to the following issues on suc- essive days: • Coordinates and time in astrometry, celestial mechanics nd mathematics; • Coordinates and time in physics, astrophysics, and cosmol- gy- • (2 days) Coordinates and time in physics, geophysics, and eology; critical analysis of 20th centiuy theories; experimental Mt; • general discussion; scientific ethics. Par- 4iin, head of the Physics Department of the Academy of Aviation f\ Leningrad. In the present case, dissident physicist Stefan Marinov has chosen the configuration so cleverly that he need only ask whether a voltage will be induced. Maddox correctly comments that [Einstein's] relativity theory predicts no difference, but then says "What is the truth?Cartesio Le ultime parole nel suo saggio: "I principi del la filosofia" Although the eighth part of THE THORNY WAY OF TRUTH (TVIT) is dedicated predominantly to the Ampere-Grassmann controversy, I think that the dispute on this controversy must be closed, as my magnetic experiments with interrupted circuits, which violate the angular momentum conservation law (the Bui -Cub Machine without Stator - TWT-III, and the Rotating Ampere Bridge with Displacement Current - TWT-IV), have shown that Ampere's formula is WRONG, taking into account that this formula does not allow a violation of Newton's third law.Nevertheless the experimental and theoretical study of the magnetic interactions (i.a, the interactions between moving charges) remains further a highly interesting topic.110, are decisive for recognizing and accepting the absolute character of the magnetic phenomena, i.e., that the magnetic effects depend on the ab- solute velocities of the electric charges. Rindler's paper in the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, 57,993 (1989), reprinted in TWT-VII, p. Maddox' conundrum in NATURE on the 12 July 1990 (see it reprinted in this volume), the problem about the absolute character of the magnetic phenomena and of the violation of the principle of relativity in electromagnetism reached wide circles of the scien- tific community (let me note that Dr. Please watch this column for further details as they emerge.Maddox' conundrum had to appear in NATURE in De- cember 1988 as a "Christmas puzzle"). Scientists wishing to participate, and especially prospective peakers should not delay preparations, as communications with he USSR are j«till extremely slow — in (ur experience, about one nonth for an air mail letter to b^

And taking into account the negative result of my experiment presented in figs.

3 and 4, I make the general conclusion: the pushing force acting on the Ampere bridge does not depend on its form.

This conclusion, of course, has to be confirmed by careful expe- riments with U-form and 11- form bridges with very long legs, to see whether, indeed, the pushing forces will be equal.

Muller's unipolar induction experiments, described in the May/June issue of this journal, and probably the most complete series on the subject.

But he does not know about Faraday's experiments on unipolar induction in 1831, either.

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Faraday's 1831 experiment is not all that well known, either, but the unipolar induction effect in general is common knowledge, and when a physicist who is editor of one of the world's major scientific journals writes an editorial on the sub- ject, one would expect him to use its considerable advisory resources.

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