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Please click ","facebook.users.notice1":"Attention Facebook Users:","":"Split Name","official time":"Official Time","facebook.share":"Share","quebec":"Quebec","":"Event Name","":"Start Date","":"This email address is linked to an account that was created with Facebook.Please use the Log In with Facebook button to access your account.","":"\"Email addresses do not match\"","completed.race":"COMPLETED RACE","faq.picture.2":"Sportstats only publishes a link towards the website of the photo company.The personal information of an Individual may be processed and stored in Canada, the United States or such other foreign country, and the governments, courts or law enforcement or regulatory agencies of that country may be able to obtain disclosure of personal information through the laws of the foreign country.","accept.policy":"By creating an account with Sportstats you agree with our \u003ca href\u003d\"/about/privacy.xhtml\"\u003eprivacy policy\u003c/a\u003e","password.match":"The password confirmation does not match the password.","claim.verification.profile.instructions":"Consider reviewing you profile by clicking the Edit Profile button.","MULTISPORT":"Multisport","overview.sound":"Sound Systems","unclaim.result.dialog.header":"Unclaim This Result? ","region":"Province","other":"Other","error.400.description":"You may have mis-typed the URL or clicked a broken link.","february":"February","keywords":"Keywords","description":"...and answers","error.invalid.userid.header":"No user with such id.","":"Contact","COUNT_OTHER":"Complete other races","about.following.followers.details2":"You may use this page to follow athletes that are already following you or to stop following athletes.","about.following.followers.details1":"Following and followers represent the relationship you have with other athletes that have created a Sportstats account.","live.race":"LIVE RACE","following.x.athletes2":"is following athletes","copyright.h1":"Copyright","following.x.athletes1":"","dashboard":"Dashboard","error.error":"Error","IRONMAN":"Full Iron Dist","":"Select athletes to receive live race progress updates on your Twitter account.","new.password":"New Password","invalid.password":"Passwords must match and be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one number, lower case letter, and upper case letter.","run":"Run","error.401.description":"You are not authorized to view this page.Please try again at a later time.","name":"Name","this.not.yours":"This result is not yours?

P.","account.creation.failed":"An error occurred while creating you Sportstats account.

Please confirm your email before logging in.","":"Sportstats is now official timing partner for all North American Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events","invitation.sent":"Invitation sent","":"Asia","chronos.split.progress":"Reached ","sign.up":"Sign Up","unfollow.dialog.header":"Stop Following Athlete","manual.claim":"Manual Claim","unclaim.result.dialog.message":"Unclaiming this result will update your My Races list and remove the original claim from your Activity feed. ","result":"Claim This Result","asia":"Asia","november":"November","july":"July","":"Select One","":"Ask for a correction here","been.claimed":"been claimed","my.4":"The expanded version of the results will look like the figure below.

From this view, you will have access to all your information: split details, pace, personal information, photo links, link to download your finisher certificate and access to your previous Sportstats results.","my.3":"sign beside your name to expand your results information.","with":"Log In With ","my.2":"From the results page, please click on the","my.1":"How can I see my splits and personal information?

","":"Last Name","official.time":"Official Time","":"Head Office","edit.profile.picture":"Edit Profile Picture","":"Company","":"Name","":"has completed","athlete":"Athlete","":"Marc Roy and Isabelle Fradette acquired Sportstats from Terry B.

Mc Kinty","about.activities.details2":"This page is used to view these actions in reverse chronology.","about.activities.details1":"Activities are actions that were performed by you or athletes you are following.","SPRINT":"Sprint","june":"June","create":"Create","chronos.follow.failure":"An error occurred while attempting to track this athlete. Place","":"Sportstats acquired Race Headquarters of Vancouver","":"Sportstats expanded to its current 4000sqf location on Colonnade Rd.","":"To claim this result, get your certificate, make a correction or use other features, visit the official timing and results site:","":"Reached the timing milestone of 500 events/year","email.confirmation.sent":"An email has been sent to your address.

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