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Who among us has not longed to light the fire while someone else puts the flowers in a newly-bought vase -- newly bought at, probably, a charming antique shop or outdoor flea market?Whether you love or hate "Our House", (or, indeed, CSN/Y), it’s hard to shake the idea of this effortless shacking-up as a domestic and romantic ideal: “Now everything is easy ‘cause of you.” Could the life of two cohabitating artists ever really be “easy,” though?And I suspect it was from there that Joni was swept away to California by David.

“She may bake some brownies today/loo loo loo loo loo loo loo.” A listener could be forgiven for wondering what had melted the brilliant lyricist’s brain. Crosby, who’d met and semi-successfully seduced Mitchell during a Coconut Grove club engagement right after his ouster from the Byrds, had been responsible for importing her to California.On that trip she would meet a bright red devil who’d try to keep her in a tourist town in Crete and go to a party down a red dirt road in Ibiza, then come home – relieved and spent – to California, to see the folks she dug.Nash, by that point, no longer numbered among them: from Crete, she’d sent him a telegram that read, "if you hold sand too tightly in your hand it will run through your fingers.” He’d told the world that he wanted her to play her love songs "only for me;" this had been too much to ask.Nash describes racing Joni to the piano in the morning: “It was an intense time.Who’s gonna fill up the space with their music first?

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For over forty years I have continued to play the music of my life - and the life of my little hippie girl, who has also been my wife for most of those years.

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