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'Wars, factions, and fighting,' said Socrates as he looked forward from his last hour, 'have no other origin than this same body and its lusts. We must set the soul free from it; we must behold things as they are.

And having thus got rid of the foolishness of the body, we shall be pure and hold converse with the pure, and shall in our own selves have complete knowledge of the Incorruptible which is, I take it, no other than the very truth.' (Socrates).

(Aristotle, 340BC) Only recently (Wolff, 1986 - Haselhurst, 1997) has it been possible, with the discovery of the Metaphysics of Space and Motion and the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM), to unite these ideas with modern Physics, Philosophy and Metaphysics.

And let me first say that it is ironic that the main problem for human knowledge also came from the Ancient Greeks, with their conception of matter as discrete Atoms (Democritus, Lucretius).

Most significantly, it demonstrates the stubborn resistance that society displays towards those who choose to question the customs and beliefs of their time (as the philosopher must).

This attitude is still very alive today, where physics is dominated by mathematical theories founded on particles, and philosophy is in decay due to an absurd postmodern view (contradiction) that the; The ancient Greek Philosophers, of which Socrates was central, marked a fundamental turning point in the evolution of humanity and our ideas about our existence in the universe.

(Aristotle, Metaphysics, 340BC) Socrates is famous for arguing that we must Know Thyself to be wise, that the unexamined life is not worth living.

We owe it to a few writers of antiquity (Plato, Aristotle, etc.) that the people in the Middle Ages could slowly extricate themselves from the superstitions and ignorance that had darkened life for more than half a millennium.

Introduction - Socrates Quotes - Socrates on Trial / The Apology by Plato - Speech 1 / Socrates Defence - Speech 2 / Sentencing of Socrates - Speech 3 / After the Trial - Links / Socrates - Top of Page Suppose gentlemen, you said to me, ‘Socrates, you shall be acquitted on this occasion, but only on one condition.

That you give up spending your time on this quest and stop philosophising.

Few men are capable of it (and then only intermittently).

For the rest there is a second-best way of life, that of moral virtue and practical wisdom.

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As Einstein wrote; Somebody who only reads newspapers and at best books of contemporary authors looks to me like an extremely near-sighted person who scorns eyeglasses.