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Given the prevalence of circumcision, some uncircumcised men may feel insecure.

"Being uncircumcised in today’s age was certainly a source of insecurity," Henry, 27, tells

"Sometimes you have to be more gentle with the head than you would be with a circumcised guy," Danny says.

"Usually, using the foreskin to slide up and down over the head feels much better than using your hand to rub on the head directly.

"I’ve actually been turned down for sex multiple times when my partners have seen that I’m uncircumcised, which is really disappointing since it’s usually based on misinformation."And while research does indicate that circumcision can reduce the risk of HIV transmission, in the U.

S., the American Academy of Pediatrics has concluded that newborn male circumcision’s health benefits aren’t great enough for the association to recommend it. And if you and your uncircumcised partner are using a condom every time, you’re good to go. Uncircumcised penises may be more sensitive in general.

"Especially when it comes to a message like sexuality, it's deeply personal for people and there's already a lot of taboo and confusion around it, I think the less people you have to go to to say what you want to say the better."​ Buffer Festival runs until Sunday, with more information on programming available here.

"A lot of times were waiting to see if we're okay and normal before we really embrace what makes us feel good." Boodram says Youtube is a perfect place to spread that message because it takes out the middle man between her and her viewers.Many guys find that to be too sensitive for them." Jack, 18, echoes that partners should be cautious in certain cases: "The only time it might be sensitive is if you pull the skin back and rub on the head directly with your hand," he says. In Nate’s opinion, "Keeping the foreskin back is very important if you’re stimulating the head."For me, that’s usually too sensitive and feels uncomfortable, so I usually prefer if my foreskin is played with instead." And when in doubt about what does/doesn’t feel too sensitive, ask! This is especially true if performing oral on one that may not be fully erect." Otherwise, the foreskin can act as a barrier, so don’t shy away from pulling it back if your partner wants you to. You can have fun with an uncircumcised penis in different ways than a circumcised one.To restore access and understand how to better interact with our site to avoid this in the future, please have your system administrator contact [email protected] you hook up with guys but you’ve never encountered an uncircumcised penis, that’s not unusual. Ahead, five guys tell what they wish their partners knew about their au naturel appendages.1.

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