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Omas und Opas waren zusammen mit den Kids kreativ tätig.Sie bereiteten Geschenke für den Mutter- und Vatertag vor.

We sell our people, mostly for cheap labor; we promote it and we are proud of it.

The damsel-in-distress complex is evident: Man saves woman, Tonyo is the knight in shining armor bent on saving his “baby (a figure of dependency) dragonfly.” It seems that society is still unprepared for a woman who can save herself, or for a woman saving another woman, or for a force other than love that is capable of equally empowering and raising the broken.

Now why should we encourage this kind of critical perspective in artistic works such as film?

Konnten die Großeltern nicht kommen, bastelten die Eltern mit den Kindern für den Partner.

Am haben wir unsere Türen geöffnet: Vier Jungen (ab der 5.

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On a personal level, the troubles of migrant life are seen in Lea and Tonyo’s ill-fated romances prior to their meeting.